Unreal Estate - A Fantasy Cityscape Card Game

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Unreal Estate - A Fantasy Cityscape Card Game
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Unreal Estate

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Unreal Estate
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Art of Unreal Estate hardcover book
This art book is a collection of the sketches and watercolors by Corinne Roberts. See the origin... more »

Learn About Our Project:

Thieves' Guild or Elven Treehouse? Magic Shop or Dwarven Tavern? In Unreal Estate, the City Council has hired you to build the best cityscape, which you'll do by drafting buildings to your hand. Rejected designs go to the Scrap Pile, but as demand for those buildings grows, you can reclaim them to score the most points. But be careful that the other architects don't score them before you!

Designed by Jason Slingerland (cohost of Building the Game podcast and designer of Water Balloon Washout), with art by the talented Corinne Roberts, Unreal Estate is a game of drafting, hand management, and timing set in a fictional fantasy city. It is a game for 2-4 players, and only takes about 20 minutes to play.

During Unreal Estate's development, playtesters consistently commented that they enjoyed the simple mechanics combined with real decisions on every turn. Players never felt as though they were playing on autopilot, and a turn was always made with consideration of other players' actions – all in a 20-minute game. Check out the amazing art and the print-and-play files to see how Unreal Estate pulls it off.









If you want to check out the rules for Unreal Estate, or print out the game and try it for yourself, download the print-and-play files right here

Achieving our base funding goal will ensure that Grand Gamers Guild will be able to publish Unreal Estate with high quality that you expect.

Here is a list of all unlocked stretch goals that will allow us to upgrade components and help us add more cards, better bits, and even prettier components!


Unreal Estate is a hit! Find out what many board game reviewers, insiders, and designers are saying about the game.







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Marc Specter is the Master of the Grand Gamers Guild. He is also an owner of GrandCon Gaming Convention and Headmaster of the Grand Gaming Academy demo team.

Jason Slingerland is cohost of the Building the Game podcast and self-published Water Balloon Washout.

Corinne Roberts realized our building ideas in traditional watercolor art. All prints of her work for sale can be found here.

Chris Kirkman is the Graphic Designer for Unreal Estate. He is also the founder of Dice Hate Me Games, voice of the State of Games Podcast, and co-designer of the upcoming Fate of the Elder Gods.

The project video was created by Jason Slingerland and Rob Couch. The How-to-Play narration was provided by Jason Slingerland. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Kickstarter is an interesting landscape, very different from 2010 when Alien Frontiers broke the scene open for the board gaming world. For many it has turned into a pre-order system, and the notion of being a patron – of supporting a creator and helping see his/her vision to fruition – often no longer seems to be the central focus for many. 

This is my first project, and some may question, "Can he really make this happen with only a $5,000 goal?" I chose that goal because I believe I should put at least as much into this project as you, my supporters, do. It will take more than $5,000 to see this dream come true, but my part is ready. If you are willing to embrace the Guild by lending us your support, we really do appreciate it. Thank you for looking at our project, and considering bringing to life our collective vision.

Marc Specter


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